OZ Racing Aspen HLT – Matt Black Diamond Cut

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OZ Aspen HLT was designed specially for medium and large SUVs and are part of the OZ Racing All Terrain range of high load alloy wheels for heavy duty vehicles.


Product Description

ASPEN HLT, a dynamic 5-spoke wheel in the All Terrain range has been designed specifically for medium and large SUVs, automobiles with a large mass where wheels must bear very heavy weights and superior load strength is required. Like the other new wheels in the All Terrain range, ASPEN HLT is produced using HLT technology, which is normally used for racing car wheels. Thanks to the HLT technology and heat treatments, which are OZ proprietary processes, ASPEN HLT has an excellent strength vs. structural flexibility ratio and weighs significantly less than other wheels in the same category.

Additional Information


10.0 x 20″, 10.5 x 20″, 11.0 x 20″, 10.0 x 21″, 10.5 x 21″, 11.0 x 21″, 11.5 x 21″, 8.5 x 20″, 9.0 x 20″, 9.0 x 21″, 9.5 x 20″, 9.5 x 21″


Matt Black Diamond Cut

Stud Pattern (PCD)

5×108, 5×112, 5×114, 5×120, 5×127, 5×130, 5×150

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